WARNING! Low lake levels pose unseen hazards!

While out on Lake Norman this past weekend we noticed several stumps just about 2 feet underwater at one of our favorite island getaways. These stumps were not visable from our boat as we coasted onto the shore. The waters are muddy and underwater hazards may not be visable.

The lake level appears to be down about 3 feet from early summer and this is causing underwater hazards to be closer to the surface.

Please see the map below for 2 stumps that we found just off a popular island at the end of Gainswood Drive & Washam Road in Mooresville. Also, please add any hazards that you find so other Lake Norman boaters will be aware of them. Click on the link below the map to view a larger map, then on the left side of the page will be a collaberate or edit button to add other obstacles to the map.

View Lake Norman Underwater Hazards in a larger map

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