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    Lake Norman

    In the British Virgin Islands and many other places here in the US, boaters have found a new toy. It is called Stand Up Paddle Boarding. It is basically a way to get off the boat for a while and get some exercise, cruise into some quiet and shallow coves, or just enjoy a new way of being on the water. Using a stand up paddle board, similar to a surf board, you stand up and paddle using a long paddle. You can paddle to generate an extreme workout, or you can paddle along peacefully, enjoying the water, seeing fish, and other wildlife along the shores. It is easy to sneak up on fisherman and other lake goers on one of these boards. I have paddled into a cove on Mt Island and a fisherman on the bank never saw or heard me coming. He was sold. He noticed how easy it would be to get into a quiet cove and not be heard. You can actually fish off of these things as well. Coming in December is a board designed for fishing, with rod holders, and places to hold tackle. It is a new experience. If anyone would like to check out paddle boarding, please visit my site at or give me a call at 704-615-8409. If you have suggestions for me as I introduce this area to this sport, feel free to let me know. I am working on establishing some safety rules for Stand Up Paddlers and want to build a good raport with boaters, kayakers, canoers and all other lake goers. Thanks for letting me post and I welcome all feed back.

    Travis Bowers

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